Farm Share 2015I am just back from Bishop’s Orchards where the Scranton Seahorse Inn participates in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share.    Each Tuesday until mid-October we’ll get our share which will contain locally grown produce and fruits.

By participating in a CSA share we are provided with a weekly healthy supply of locally grown food.  The good news for our guests is they can be guaranteed their breakfasts are made with the items we get from our CSA share.    And, it challenges me to be creative in the kitchen as many weeks it’s a mystery what will be in our basket until we get there for pickup.

This weeks basket contained basil, bok choy,  lettuce, kale, asparagus and strawberries.   Time to start thinking… asparagus soufflé, maybe a kale mustard frittata, or kale smoothie?  Some strawbery jam?

If you have the opportunity to participate in a farm sharing program in your community you should consider it.   You meet great people, you’re introduced to wonderful food all while supporting local farmers in your area.

See you at the inn!