As I mentioned in a previous post we’re very excited about our part in the CSA at Bishop’s Orchards.    Part of our share last week was a few quarts of strawberries.   Because we had such terrible weather this spring our strawberry crop here in CT was not abundant.  In fact the season lasted just a few short weeks and I didn’t even get out to pick any.   This is why the CSA is so perfect! 

Strawberry jam on the cooktop...

Strawberries are my favorite berry so I need to make homemade strawberry jam at least once a year.   Yesterday I made my champagne strawberry jam.    The perfect sweetness of the local strawberries, the sweet champagne and tart fresh squeezed lemon juice produced several jars of perfect jam.   

 My guests went crazy spreading it over my homemade buttermilk biscuits this morning.