We had a very exciting weekend at the inn.   Not only was it a beautiful spring weekend but it was our first weekend when we cooked with the fruits and vegetables from our CSA share from Bishops Orchards.   Connecticut has had a wet & cold spring so we’ve been anxiously waiting for our local & sustainable produce to be ripe for picking.   Let’s back up a bit…

What’s a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture?  As far as food propositions go it’s about as simple as it gets.   You find a local farm and buy a share and every week during the growing season you pick up a box of whatever goodies are being pulled from the fields right now.    It also lets you enjoy the best parts of sustainably grown fruits and vegetables without the responsibility for the weeding and watering.   In our case, our CSA share from Bishop’s supplements our own gardens and what we buy at the farmers markets.

In our first box we were very excited to find multiple varieties of lettuce, sugar snap peas, spinach, basil, and strawberries!   And, in turn our guests enjoyed fresh strawberry scones and strawberry lemon muffins.   I also made a delicous spinach frittata, a guest favorite.  

I’m looking forward to creating some magnificent menus this growing season and providing fresh & healthy meals to our guests.